Why Bamboo

To start with, not all Bamboo is responsibly farmed or manufactured with toxic free glue. When buying anything made of bamboo, find out what grade it is if you want to be ‘green’. What we mean by responsibly farmed is that beautiful old forests haven't been burnt down simply to grow vast amounts of bamboo for low cost manufacturing. The A-grade Bamboo The Block Shop uses is manufactured to surpass strict EU guidelines on toxicity and emissions, ensuring the bamboo is food safe and sustainably grown.

While other trees take roughly 50 years to grow to maturity, bamboo takes 3 to 6 years until it is ready to harvest for the first time. Harvesting doesn’t kill the “tree” either, and once harvested the second time around it grows even quicker, making it a very sustainable natural resource.

Bamboo is a very hard material, harder than 'hard' woods yet lighter in weight which makes it easier to handle in the kitchen. The hard characteristic of this material adds to the longevity of your block.

Aside from being environmentally preserving , bamboo is a very hygienic “wood” to use in your kitchen when it comes to chopping veg and carving meat or fish. Bamboo is classified as a ‘grass’ and has tightly packed fibres, which makes it harder for juices to penetrate the surface of the block. Because of these fibres, bamboo is kind to your knives and it is more scratch resilient than other wood. So while supporting the longevity of our environment, you have will also have a life long friend for your kitchen.