ABC Dippy

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Size: L24cm x W20cm x H1,6cm
Weight: under 1kg
Material: A grade Bamboo

Know your ABC's...Personalized with name and date, this is a perfect dippy as a gift for little ones. It also comes with a famous egg beanie of choice. Bonus

Care Instructions

Before you use your block for the first time, wipe it with a damp soapy cloth and rinse with warm water. Allow to dry. Once dry, apply a thin layer of mineral oil (you can find this on our online store). If you don't have mineral oil you can use olive oil from your kitchen but some people find that cooking oils begin to go rancid. Let it soak in for 24 hours then use the block as normal. Repeat every few months as needed. The oil will darken the colour of the board slightly but it fades with time until you apply oil again. The oil will soak into the fibres and help repel water and juices from penetrating the surface of the block.

Never use chemical based products or bleach. To disinfect, use white spirit vinegar and half a lemon to rub your block down. This is food safe.

To avoid staining, wash your block as soon as you can after use.

Never soak your block in water.

Dishwasher is not advised.

This is a natural product & can stain.